How I’m approaching Father’s Day as a solo mum

by | Jun 16, 2019 | Uncategorized

Father’s Day can be difficult for some people, depending on your personal circumstances. Daisy is too young to understand it this year, but it got me thinking how I would handle it in the future, when she is older.

For this year, we’re heading to my dad’s for a very casual lunch as a family. It won’t be a big deal at all, but nice to spend family time together.

This is how I am planning to deal with it in the future:

1. Celebrate with Grandad

Daisy has made a card for grandad at nursery. They explained to me they were making cards and asked who I would like to make one for. Daisy made one for Grandad and also one for me. They didn’t say Happy Father’s Day, rather thanks for being an awesome grandad and mummy. I was really impressed by how nursery managed the situation really positively.

I will encourage Daisy to continue to make Grandad a card on Father’s Day and we’ll spend the day with him.

2. Give thanks to the donor

Someone shared a lovely idea that I really like to have a gem stone in the house that represents the donor that you can give thanks to. We will use the opportunity to show gratitude to the donor on this day and to be thankful that they gave us such an amazing gift.

3. Acknowledge the awesome men in our lives

We’re going to take some time to remember the amazing experiences we have had with the awesome men in our life. I’m in the middle of creating a picture book for Daisy to remember all these adventures for when she grows up.

Obviously I’m not saying that this is a replacement of a father, but it is a nice opportunity to remember how many positive influences we have in our lives and all the people we love and consider our family.

I’d like to make it nice and positive right from the early days so Daisy doesn’t feel like she is missing out.

How are you going to celebrate Father’s Day, or do you not celebrate it? Do you have any tips for helping your children manage the day?



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