1:2:1 Coaching

How can coaching help you in your solo parenting journey?

“Coaching helps you to take responsibility for your life, let go of what others think and become your true self. It’s about you creating the life that you want – and deserve.”

– Emma-Louise Elsey

Are you a single woman exploring the path of solo parenthood? Are you pregnant and about to have a baby as a solo parent, or are you solo parenting already? Navigating this journey can be both exciting and overwhelming. What if you had someone who had lived through the journey by your side?

As an experienced coach specialising in supporting solo parents, I’m here to provide support and insights to empower you to work through your fears and doubts and find the confidence to make the most informed decisions throughout this path to parenthood.

This coaching is for you if you are:


Considering solo parenthood


A pregnant solo parent


A solo parent looking to thrive

Why Coaching Can be Beneficial:

Deciding to embark on the journey of solo parenthood may not have been your original plan (or maybe it was) but it doesn’t have to mean that it’s not as fulfilling as any other route to becoming a parent.

Maybe you’re really struggling to decide if this is the right path for you.

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the things to consider.

Maybe you’ve made the decision but want some additional confidence that it’s the right choice for you.

Or maybe you’re already a solo parent, but it’s not exactly as you imagined.

Coaching can be an invaluable support, to navigate the emotional, logistical, and practical aspects of this decision. With me by your side, you’ll gain clarity and confidence in your decisions, as well as a personalised roadmap to move you forward as you embark on this journey.

Why choose me as your coach?

As well as having my own lived experience of solo parenting, I am a certified Coach with more than 15 years coaching experience, where I’ve accrued hundreds of hours of both group and 1:2:1 coaching, with the last 6 years focusing solely on Solo Parenting.

I have gathered so much knowledge from my own personal journey, supporting hundreds of clients, and interviewing many experts on a variety of subjects for my podcast.

Supporting solo parents is my absolute purpose in life as well as my passion.

The Coaching Sessions

“Seeking support when making decisions isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a testament to the wisdom of gathering perspectives to illuminate the best path forward.”

What can you expect from these coaching sessions?

Each coaching session is tailored to your specific needs and we will cover anything that is important to you.

Some common topics explored are:


Grieving the fairytale of how you thought you would become a parent

Overcoming doubts and fears related to solo parenthood
Owning your solo parent story
Building a support network for your future as a solo parent
Diving deep on the solo parent research and the wellbeing of our children
Developing strategies and processes for thriving as solo parenting
Talking to our children about being donor conceived raised in a solo parent family

We will discuss which topics you would like to focus on and together create a plan for taking action, identify any barriers you wish to overcome and agree your next steps.

It will be very action focused to help you take back some control of your life. It will leave you with a clear mind and a plan for making decisions and any changes required to create your desired outcome.

You can choose either a 60 or 90 minute session depending on how much you’d like to cover and these will be conducted via Zoom at a convenient time for you.

You might choose to book a programme of 5 sessions at a discounted rate, depending on your requirements.

A pre coaching questionnaire will be sent before we start the sessions, to allow us to get the most value from the time we have together.

At the beginning of the session we will identify what you would like to achieve from the session and how we can best use our time together.

If you’d like to benefit from 1:2:1 coaching sessions, book here:

One hour coaching call



£325 for 5 x 60 mins sessions

(Saving £50)

One off 90 minute deep dive consultation



£425 for 5 x 90 mins sessions

(Saving £70)

Through my coaching sessions with Mel, I found the clarity I needed to confidently pursue solo parenthood. The guidance and unwavering support has been priceless.

Coaching helped me navigate my fears and uncertainties, giving me the strength to embrace this roller coaster of a journey of solo parenthood.

Working with Mel was a total game-changer. I felt supported, heard, and empowered to make decisions that were right for me. It gave me the confidence I needed to take the first steps.

Jess L

If you’d like to discuss the best option for you or chat through whether one of my Group Coaching Courses may be a better fit than 1:2:1 coaching, you can drop me a line at mel@thestorkandi.com and we can jointly decide the best support for you.

Ready to explore this path to parenthood?