Mel Johnson is an experienced Life Coach. Since embarking on her own journey to solo motherhood she has specialised in Social Infertility Coaching and mentoring for single women.

If you find yourself socially infertile (unable to have a baby as you are single and have no partner to try to conceive with) you may be experiencing a range of emotions:

  • Frustration about not being able to start a family in the way you had imagined
  • Anxiety that you may miss out on motherhood
  • Confusion and overwhelm about your options
  • Worries about how to communicate with your family
  • Anxiety about the perception of solo motherhood
  • Grief for the loss of having a baby in a loving partnership
  • Feelings of failure over not being able to find a suitable partner
  • Feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • Financial worries for the treatment and raising a child solo
  • Anxiety about whether you will be able to manage on your own and the level of support you have available
  • Doubts about balancing career and solo motherhood

You may be struggling to come to a final decision about whether to progress down the path towards solo motherhood. Do you keep giving dating ‘just another 6 months’? Do you feel like you’d really want to meet a partner and conceive naturally? Are you struggling to decide what the best option for you is?

Or maybe you have already made the decision but are still struggling to come terms with it. Do you have worries about various aspects of the journey? Do you still feel anxious about how you will cope?

One way of getting support is through Social Infertility Coaching

Through coaching you can be guided throughout your journey. Mel has been through the process herself, and as a result can relate to the feelings you are experiencing. As well as her personal experience, as a coach, she provides a particular set of professional skills and competencies to provide the emotional and practical support that you require.

Through fertility coaching with the Stork and I, we will cover some or all of the following:

  1. Managing your anxiety and fears
  2. Understanding your options
  3. Making, accepting and owning your decisions
  4. Making practical decisions (treatments, clinics, donor)
  5. Communication and sharing your story with pride
  6. Creating your support network
  7. Managing key moments
  8. Preparing your mind and body for treatment
  9. Creating goals and setting up actions
  10. Keeping accountable

If this is something you feel you would benefit from, you can organise a free initial 30 minute consultation to get to know each other, to review your current situation, your objectives and agree whether coaching is right for you.

There are 3 different one to one packages available:

One off 90 minute consultation

Investment: £90

My one to one 90 minute coaching session will involve discussing where you are in the journey so far and any anxieties you are facing. We will discuss which topics you would like to focus on and together create a plan for taking action, identify any barriers you wish to overcome and agree your next steps.

It will be very action focussed to help you take back some control of your life. It will leave you with a clear mind and a plan for making decisions and any changes required to create your desired outcome.

One hour drop in coaching call:

Investment: £65

If you require a check in or want to go over a particular area, you can organise a 1 hour coaching call, where we will tackle one specific subject.

Coaching package of 5 x 1 hour sessions

Investment: £275

If you want more regular sessions, you can buy a block of 5 which gives you a discounted rate. These can be used as and when you require throughout your journey.

Group Coaching

Investment: £40

Please click here for details of group coaching courses available.

All sessions can be done by phone, on Skype, Zoom, or in person, location dependent.


If you feel that one of these offerings of solo mum fertility coaching will benefit you, please get in touch with me on to arrange our initial 30 minute consultation



If you feel counselling would be more beneficial for you, you can find BICA Accredited Counsellors at this link, many of who specialise in fertility.



Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash