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Mel Johnson

The Solo Parenthood Coach


Hi, I’m Mel. I’m the UK’s first and only Solo Parenthood Coach 

I support women from around the world who are single and keen to ensure they don’t miss out on parenthood.


What does a Solo Parenthood Coach do?

I provide both 1:2:1 and group coaching to single women enabling them to feel empowered and in control of their route to parenthood.

I’ve coached 1000s of women on the path to solo parenthood


I coach: 

Women considering solo parenthood

Pregnant solo mothers to be

Solo mothers

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My name is Mel, nice to meet you! I founded The Stork and I following my own personal journey to solo motherhood. I'm a solo mum (single mother by choice) to my 2 year old daughter. You can read more about my personal journey on the Media section of the site. With a coaching qualification from CoachMatch, I'm an experienced coach with over 15 years of personal development and leadership coaching. Using my coaching skills, I work with single women who want to ensure that they don't miss out on motherhood because of their relationship status. My coaching practise is dedicated to providing support and advice to single women at every stage of their journey to motherhood. I've coached more than 100 women on the subject. I've grown a like minded community full of amazing women who are all here to help and support each other.
More About Me

The Stork and I Vision and Mission Statements

VISION: Single women around the world are empowered and supported on their path to motherhood. MISSION: Empowering single women to - Understand their route to motherhood - Embrace their chosen path - Be part of a supportive community

What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • I have just finished the “choosing solo” course and found it incredibly uplifting and inspiring. It covered all the issues and fears that I have spent months grappling with in a very practical and honest way. Mel is a fantastic coach who is very open in her approach and and offers sensible, practical information and advice. I would recommend this programme for anyone at an early stage of their thoughts about solo motherhood. I found it of real benefit to be able to share experiences with women in similar circumstances.

  • This was a very informative course which really helped me consolidate my thinking and feelings about this venture. Mel is extremely responsive and happy to go the extra mile to ensure she can answer your specific questions. The 3 evenings were well divided to cover different components of the decision making process, and it gave me confidence, thinking that I had already considered a lot of the aspects mentioned, as well as new ideas and food for thought. I found the online format a little daunting at first but this worked well too.

  • I found Mel’s coaching sessions really informative and helpful in helping me to make decisions about how to move forward. It was great to have the support of the other women on the course and it was fabulous having the chance to ask questions and share experiences! I’d highly recommend this course!

  • I already knew that I wanted to become a solo mum but Mel’s Choosing Solo course has given me to confidence to go for it! Apart from being able to benefit from Mel’s wealth of knowledge and experience, having the opportunity to meet other women in a similar situation was invaluable to me.


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