Why Apricity could be an excellent option for solo mums

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When I turned 37, I finally decided that my time was up to meet a romantic partner and try for children in the conventional way. To ensure I didn’t miss out on motherhood, I decided to embark on the journey to solo motherhood.  

My first step was to choose a clinic. At the time, my main consideration came down to whether I’d rather have a clinic close to my home, or nearer to my work. I looked at the 2 clinics closest to where I live and chose the one that sounded most friendly when I called them.

In my online course Going Solo, for women contemplating solo motherhood, we cover the topic of how to best choose a clinic. Initially we explored the main points such as location and proximity to work or home, cost, opening hours, waiting time for donor sperm, friendliness of staff, personalised service and recommendations particularly from other solo mums.

Since the recent launch of Apricity, I have now also included an overview of this new service in my online course as I think it could be a great option for solo mums. Apricity is a new way to navigate your fertility treatment and looks set to shake up how treatment is offered. This will be the first real change of this nature in the fertility industry in about 40 years. Their mission is to make it all about you. A patient focused approach. For me, this is something that is extremely important.

What is Apricity?

Apricity is a new online fertility hub designed to support those trying to conceive, throughout all stages of the journey, ensuring they feel cared for throughout. Apricity allows people to take control of their treatment and works directly with a number of leading UK clinics and expert advisors to tailor personalised plans.

What do you get if you use Apricity?

1) A Patient Advisor

Apricity offers you a dedicated fertility advisor to ensure that you feel supported throughout your entire journey. They are available seven days a week to answer your questions and offer guidance and support.

For solo mums in particular I think this is a great service. I found that when I went to appointments there was often so much to take in and I would have loved having someone I could call to reconfirm anything I was not sure about. This service would be great for anyone, but I think it really helps supports those going through the journey solo to have that additional support on hand.

2) Tailored approach

Apricity pride themselves on really identifying what the patient’s needs and preferences are enabling them to create a personalised fertility plan that is as least disruptive as possible. This can include things such as having blood tests at home, ultrasound scans near work or additional supportive counselling sessions remotely, the plan can be tailored as you desire.

Apricity works only with carefully selected clinics and specialists who share a passion for truly outstanding fertility care, so patients know they’re in good hands and well looked after.

3) An awesome app

One of the issues I found with going through IVF without a partner was that I needed to remember everything I had to do, with no opportunity of anyone to reassure me I was getting it right. Another great support offered by Apricity is their app. The Apricity app visualises your journey and shows your next steps. The diary functionality keeps you up to date with appointments, medication and important information, so you can feel fully prepared. You’ll also be able to avoid becoming addicted to googling everything you need to know, as you’ll have to hand an informative library of medical content and educational videos This enables you to feel fully informed with reliable information at each step.

4) Value for money

Patients don’t pay extra for the additional benefits Apricity provide, the pricing is the same as clinics and fertility centres, meaning you’ll receive the additional services at no extra charge.

Based on the fact that there is no additional cost from what you would pay the clinic directly, but you get the additional benefits listed above, it seems like a bit of a no brainer.

If you’re curious to learn more and ask any specific questions, I’ve invited the team to come and do a Facebook Live session with the Stork and I Mum Tribe to further explain how it works, for anyone who is interested. Watch this space for the date.  

What do you think? I’d love to hear your views.



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