Mother, daughter bonding

by | Jun 24, 2017 | Support network

My mum’s ace! Fact.

I know that I might be a bit biased but even my friends agree she is awesome! Despite her awesomeness, in the past we have experienced the usual mother daughter trials and tribulations that most girls go through! (all totally my fault, I can be a brat when I want to be, possibly a contributing factor to me being single!!)

Anyway, this all changed when I found out I was pregnant. I only went into this pregnancy without a partner, as I knew I had the full support from my family, particularly my mum. At the time I didn’t understand quite how much I would need her support and I am absolutely positive there are still lots more to support requirements to come.

One of the things I have sometimes felt frustrated by in the past was that realisation that you have somehow changed roles with you parents and you have become the parent figure and they have become the kids. There have been times when I have thought, I don’t want to be the responsible one, I want to be the child, I want to be looked after.

Well, boy am I getting that wish now. My mum has been an absolute super star. She tirelessly looks after me, getting shopping in, making me endless cheese sandwiches (one of my early cravings) and any other food I desire, taking me to appointments, coming with me to my scans and listening to hours and hours of endless chatter from all of my pregnancy anxieties. She is very much the parent in our relationship. She is looking after me. She is giving me advice. She is helping me out endlessly and she is constantly reassuring me.

For anyone considering embarking on this journey, the more support you have from your family and friends, the easier you will find things. Have a think about who your support network will be and who you will get both emotional and practical support from. Also think about what you need from them. Some of the things I have realised I needed are:

  • Constant (and I mean daily or even hourly) reassurance that everything will be OK
  • Constant questions on what everything means and whether everything I am going through is normal
  • Support and accompanying me to medical appointments
  • Someone to help out practically when I was feeling really exhausted or sick
  • Someone look after me and ensure I feel loved and cared for

My mum has provide all this, as well as many of my closest friends. It doesn’t have to be your mum, but having someone who can really be there for you can really help to make your life a lot easier and calmer.



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