The Creation of the Stork and I

by | May 10, 2017 | Donor conception

On May 7th 2017, I had brunch in Budapest, with two of my most inspirational friends whilst they were here visiting me for the weekend. We started chatting about my upcoming IVF transfer.

I shared with them that I decided to go ahead with IVF using a donor sperm as I had been ready to have a baby for the past 8 years, but had not been lucky enough to meet the right person. I was scared that if I waited any longer biology would no longer be on my side.

The entire brunch then turned into a brainstorming session on how I could set up a community of people in the same situation as me, in order to help and support each other through this unique period of our lives.

I’d admitted to my friends that I had to work through a period of shame about what I am embarking on. I think of myself as a successful career woman with great friends, an amazing job and a lovely apartment, but I’ve not been able to find a partner that I can spend my life with and have a family together. This was making me feel like a failure. I also had to work through whether I thought IVF with a donor sperm was morally right and what people would think of me when I told them I was doing this on my own.

My friends encouraged me that this was a great idea for me to start a community of people in the same situation and for me to share my learnings and the Stork and I was born!

I’m going to be documenting the next 9 month journey and beyond as well as some info about how I ended up here in the first place on this blog.

I’d really encourage you to share this blog with anyone in your friendship group or a family member who would love to have kids, but does not have a partner to be able to follow the more traditional route.

We are going to cover:

  • What options are available to you
  • How things differ when you are doing it solo and how to cope
  • How to create your tribe (support network)
  • and much more!

Welcome to the community!



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