8 ways solo parents can embrace Valentines Day

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Society

Valentine’s Day is a day traditionally associated with romantic love and couples, with the exchange of cards and gifts becoming common. For many single people it has been a day to dread, or avoid, often making us feel left out and lacking. A day dedicated to highlighting that we have not found a suitable partner to shower us with love and attention.

What if Valentine’s Day was a celebration we all really embraced and looked forward to as solo parents? It doesn’t need to make anyone feel sad or lonely. Far from it! It can be day to celebrate love with the people we care about. It doesn’t have to be about romantic love. We can redefine it our way. Make it inclusive. Make it fun. Focus on the people and things that bring us joy.

Why should couples have all the fun? Why should us single people and solo parents miss out on a celebration just because we don’t have a romantic partner? Let’s flip the script and make it a celebration for everyone. That’s what I’ve done.

These days, it’s one of my favourite celebrations of the year. What’s not to enjoy about celebrating love in all its forms? Who made up the rules that we can only celebrate romantic love? I want to celebrate all forms of love. Let’s change the narrative, making it more inclusive for everyone, embracing the spirit of love in its widest definition.

Addressing Commercialism Concerns:

While some argue that Valentine’s Day has become overly commercialised, in my view, that’s totally up to us and how we navigate it. The celebration doesn’t have to revolve around gifts and cards or anything that has been defined for us of how we should do it. The essence of the day lies in expressing our love and appreciation for each other. By focusing on celebrating the bonds and connections we have with the important people in our life, we can celebrate Valentine’s Day in a way that aligns with our family life and values rather than consumerism.

Why do I love celebrating Valentines Day?

I’ve come up with 8 reasons I love celebrating Valentines Day:

  1. I love a celebration: I love celebrating. So a celebration about love is right up my street. For me it’s any excuse for a celebration! Any reason to put some decorations up and I’m in. I’m certainly not prepared to miss out on a celebration that it exclusively for couples! No way! I’ll figure out a way to get myself included!
  2. I do it my way: Being a solo parent with no romantic partner means I make the rules about how its celebrated. I’m never let down by unrealistic expectations about how it should be spent. In our house there is no gifts, that’s not what it is about for us. It’s a day to focus on love.
  3. Quality Time with My Daughter: Valentine’s Day provides an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with my daughter creating memories doing fun, love based activities.  We will for sure make our own cards, do some heart shaped craft and possibly some simple baking!
  4. Reinforcing Love in All Forms: Celebrating Valentines Day as a solo parent allows us to emphasise the various forms love takes – not just romantic love. This is a really important lesson I want my daughter to understand.
  5. Creating Personalised Traditions: As a solo parent, we get to customise the celebration to suit our preferences. As I love a party, if I can get a group of people together I will! You can choose your own traditions that work for you and they can become cherished moments you all look forward to each year.
  6. Positive Role Modelling: By celebrating Valentine’s Day as a solo parent, we impart valuable lessons to our children where we demonstrate resilience, independence, and the ability to find joy in every moment, regardless of our relationship status or family dynamic.
  7. Reinforcing independence: I don’t need a partner in my life to celebrate this day. I will take the opportunity to indulge in celebrating how I want to in a way that works for our family. If I want flowers, I’ll buy myself flowers, if I want chocolates I’ll buy my daughter and I chocolates, if I want to have friends round I will! the point is, I don’t need a partner to celebrate love.
  8. Celebrating and connecting with those we love: My favourite way to spend Valentines Day would be with my fellow solo parents and their children. It’s a great opportunity to express the gratitude and love I have for them and the love I have for my daughter. It’s a great chance to reflect on the positive aspects of our life and the love that surrounds us. This Valentines Day I’m running a Solo Parent Valentines Day Connection Call for my Thriving Solo Members.


Changing the Narrative:

To make Valentine’s Day more inclusive, we can shift the narrative away from exclusivity to one that embraces all forms of love. Here are five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a solo parent:

  1. Exchanging Cards or Love Letters: I often send cards to my friends declaring my love for them! I also exchange cards with my daughter, encouraging her to understand that love comes in all forms.
  2. Valentine’s Day Gathering: Any excuse for a party! Celebrate the bond of friendship by organising a Valentine’s Day get-together with your closest friends. Surrounding yourself with loved ones, whether they are friends or family, can create meaningful connections.
  3. Decorate Your Space: If you’re anything like me, I love an opportunity to decorate! I love a theme! Put a few Valentines themes decorations around the house if you are so inclined.
  4. Valentine’s Day Themed Craft: If your child is a craft lover, have a look at some of the creative craft ideas you could make together. (you could possibly add the outcome of this craft to your house decorations.)
  5. Self-Love Day: If you like the idea of being treated by a partner but you don’t have one, consider treating yourself. You know better than anyone else what you’d like, so treat yourself to it! Whether it’s something you’ve had your eye on that you gift to yourself, flowers, a nice meal, Treat yourself to it.


Valentine’s Day has the potential to be a day of universal love, transcending romantic relationships and embracing the broader spectrum of connections that enrich our lives. By changing the narrative, we can create a more inclusive celebration that allows everyone, regardless of their relationship status, to look forward to and enjoy Valentine’s Day in a way that aligns with their own unique expressions of love.

Being a solo parent doesn’t mean missing out on the fun. In fact, it can be even more special! Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a solo parent teaches your kids about different kinds of love and strengthens your bond. It’s a chance to show them that love isn’t just about romantic relationships but also about the awesome family you’ve created together.

So, to all the single parents out there, embrace the love, have a blast with your kids, and let’s make this Valentine’s Day one for the books – the solo parent edition!


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