An Overview of Thriving Solo

As a Thriving Solo Member you have access to a number of member only features:

  1. Thriving Solo Podcast

Every month there is a new members only podcast episode released. These episodes are with experts on a range of topics about solo parenthood. You can see the back catalogue of the episodes available here.

If you’ve not yet subscribed to the podcast (this is a one time activity), look out for an email from when you first joined Thriving Solo titled ‘Your audio access: Thriving Solo’. This has your unique subscription link so that you can subscribe to the podcast through a variety of popular podcast apps.

In this email, click ‘Start Listening’ to subscribe to the members only podcast.

If you’re on your computer or tablet, there’s a QR code you can scan to easily add the podcast to your phone instead and it’ll give options for listening including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify depending on your device.

This link is a unique private link just for you that links up your favourite podcast app to the new podcast to make it super easy to listen on the go to our new episodes!

If you need any help or need your unique link again, email

2. Resource Library

You have access to a multitude of resources in the resource section of the membership site

  • There is a large catalogue of Downloadable Booklets on a range of topics, with new ones being added each month
  • There is a back catalogue of Webinars (I highly recommend Dr Anne Lane and I Wish I had a Daddy as a good starting point)
  • You have access to a number of other resources such as recommended books, podcasts and partners offering discount for Thriving Solo Members

3. Mighty Networks community

  • Our community is hosted on Mighty Networks. There’s a desktop version and an app version so you can access it easily in a way that suits you.
    Mighty Networks offers more privacy and structure than a Facebook group and is a place where we can all connect and share resources, advice, support and experiences.

    If you’ve not already signed up you can  do it here.

4. Events and monthly connection calls

Our community connection calls are usually held on the last Wednesday of every month (with one or 2 exceptions based on school holidays)

This is a call open to all members of the Thriving Solo Community. It’s hosted by me, Mel Johnson, with the intention of us getting to know one another better and having a space safe to talk about whatever is on our mind.

It’s very relaxed, turn up in PJs, from bed, with a glass of wine, whatever works for you!

The schedule for 2024 can be seen here:

We also have other virtual and in-person events to join throughout the year which can be seen in the events section.


Any resources you’d like to be added, please contact me at