Support, Connection and Resources for Solo Mothers

Thriving Solo is a membership for solo mothers, including an exclusive subscription-only podcast about solo parenthood.

As a member, you also get access to resources, regular virtual connection calls, in-person events and a community of other solo mums. 

Whether you are still early in your journey considering solo motherhood, you are currently trying to conceive, you are now pregnant or solo parenting a donor conceived child, come and join our membership to find support, resources and a sense of community.

S1: E1 A male perspective of growing up in a solo parent family

S1: E2 Chosen Family, A Donor Conceived Persons View

S1: E3 Research from egg and sperm donors

S1: E4 Being Raised by a Solo Parent, a Male Donor Conceived Persons Perspective

S1: E5 Reimagining Happily Ever After with Marianne Power

S1: E6 Starting your Solo Parenthood Journey with Evewell Medical Director, Ed Coats

S1: E7 Positive Psychology in Solo Parenthood with Charlie Girling

S1: E8 Reflections of a Sperm Donor with @donordylan

S1: E9 Managing your solo parent finances with The Money Fox

S1: E10 Relationship and dating advice with Dannielle Norman

S2: E1 Talking to the Grandparents

S2: E2 Donor Conceived Liam – Born From the Same Stranger

S2: E3 Playing with our children as solo parents

S2: E4 Solo Parent Julie, Born From the Same Stranger

Solo Adoption Mini Series

As part of Thriving Solo Podcast Plus, you’ll also have access to a Solo Adoption mini series where I spoke to 4 guests about solo adopting.

We talked about making the decision to adopt, the foster to adopt process, deciding whether an adoption agency is right for you, a breakdown of different stages of the process, managing the adoption process at work, managing emotions, the support available, advice for solo adopters and much more.

Solo Adoption Mini Series E1 – Samantha’s Story

Solo Adoption Mini Series E2 – Katy’s Story

Solo Adoption Mini Series E3 – Suzy’s Story

Solo Adoption Mini Series – E4 Sarah’s Story

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