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Whether you are still early in your journey considering solo motherhood, you are currently trying to conceive, you are now pregnant or solo parenting a donor conceived child, come and join our membership to find support, resources and a sense of community.

S1: E1 A male perspective of growing up in a solo parent family

The first episode the Thriving Solo Podcast Plus is with Jeremy who was raised by a solo mum in the US. Jeremy is one of the hosts of @halfofuspod with his half siblings.

In this episode I talk to him about his experiences of being raised in a solo parent family.

S1: E2 Chosen Family, A Donor Conceived Persons View

In this episode I chat to 25 year old, donor conceived, Kiara Schuh.

We discuss her experiences of growing up being donor conceived and also focus on the book she has written, Chosen Family and all about her experiences finding and meeting her donor siblings as well as her donor.


S1: E3 Research from egg and sperm donors

In this episode I chat to Leah Gilman. Leah is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy at The University of Manchester and a member of the Morgan Centre for Research into Everyday Lives.

We discuss the book she co-authored, Donors: Curious Connections in Donor Conception, which explores what is expected of 21st Century egg and sperm donors, and how being a donor impacts on people’s own personal lives and relationships.

S1: E4 A male perspective of growing up in a solo parent family

In this episode I chat to donor conceived Joey who was raised by a solo mum in the US. 

In this episode we discuss his experiences of growing up in a solo parent family

S1: E5 Re-imagining Happily Ever After

In this episode I chat to the amazing Marianne Power about re-imagining our happily ever after.

This is a great episode for anyone who is trying to embrace being single. 


S1: E6 Starting your solo parenting journey

In this episode I chat to Ed Coats, Medical Medical Director, Evewell Clinic. 

He explains the end to end process for single women and the options available with the relevant considerations. 

Solo Adoption Mini Series

As part of Thriving Solo Podcast Plus, you’ll also have access to a Solo Adoption mini series where I spoke to 4 guests about solo adopting.

We talked about making the decision to adopt, the foster to adopt process, deciding whether an adoption agency is right for you, a breakdown of different stages of the process, managing the adoption process at work, managing emotions, the support available, advice for solo adopters and much more.

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