Talk Fertility is a group of like minded women based in Manchester who are working together with a variety of experts to provide fertility support events. It is made up of:

Mel Johnson, The Stork and I:

Me Johnson is the founder of the Stork and I. Following her own journey to solo motherhood, Mel is now a Fertility Coach supporting solo mums at all stages of their journey.

Natalie Silverman, Fertility Podcast:

Natalie is the host and founder of The Fertility Podcast which has one main mission to give you support, information and peace of mind on your journey to start or complete your family.

Dr Fertility:

Dr Fertility is a one stop destination for; simplified, trusted and evidence-based fertility information, products and tools, to help maximise your chances of getting pregnant. They help to give you a better understanding of the science and provide emotional support for anybody who wants a baby no matter who you are or what your situation is.

Dr Fertility raise awareness of infertility, eliminate the taboo, answer your questions and empower each other on this journey by sharing real life stories. By bringing together a diverse range of experts they offer you a holistic approach to your fertility and deliver the most up to date information and expert opinion.

Rosie Tadman:

Rosie Tadman (DipCNM, BANT and CNHC Reg) is a Nutritional Therapist who studied at the prestigious College of Natural Medicine, in London. She uses Modern Science and Traditional Wisdom to support couples to conceive. Rosie looks at root causes rather than masking symptoms. 

Men Matter Too

Click here to view the webinar we filmed at our Men Matter Too event.