Group Coaching Course: Solo Foundations

Group coaching for embracing single life with confidence

The course is running for the first time on 6th, 13th and 20th October 2024

The session will run from 8.30pm – 9.30pm GMT

As this is the first Solo Fountation Course, new for 2024 I am running a special offer of £69 in exchange for some feedback about how you found it and how it could be improved.


Group Coaching for Embracing Single Life With Confidence

Course Content

Being single and becoming a solo parent are two different things, but they are interlinked.

This course is designed for single people and solo parents who want to embrace being single with confidence. This is a foundation for solo parenthood. It is relevant for solo parents, those considering solo parenthood as well as single people who don't want to have children. This course will not cover solo parenthood. We cover various topics as detailed below, and the course discussion and group coaching sessions are very much shaped by the requirements of the group

Week 1: 

  • Welcome and introductions; and sharing individual experiences within a supportive space, check in of how you are doing and how you feel about single life. Overview of the course and the structure.
  • Understanding Singleness: Understanding the history and the background about being single. The societal impact of being single. Debunking myths about being single.
  • Re-imaging Singlehood: Shifting perspectives on what it means to be single and how to wholeheartedly embrace it
  • Societal perceptions vs. personal reality: exploring the myths and the realities and embracing the benefits of being single
  • Letting go of Singlehood comparison; Strategies for overcoming the comparison trap of the nuclear family and picture perfect couples and staying focused on your individual path
  • Feeling two things at once: Exploring the concept that by embracing our single life, we are not closing down the possibility of ever meeting a partner, if that is what we desire


Week 2:

  • Prioritising Non Romantic Relationships: Understanding as a society, why we have prioritised romantic relationships and how we can focus on non romantic relationships
  • Building your community: Building and maintaining friendships friends, family and community, Opportunities for community involvement and volunteering. Building meaningful connections through shared interests
  • Navigating Social Dynamics: Strategies for dealing with social pressure regarding singleness
  • Unpacking loneliness: Strategies to stop the feelings of loneliness, embracing time alone and investigating the concept of Alonement
  • Redefining Intimacy: Exploring where we get intimacy and how we ensure we have intimacy in our lives outside of being in a romantic relationship.
  • Owning and embracing your story: Building confidence in embracing your unique journey, as well as being able to confidently communicate with those around you
  • Benefits of single life: Gaining clarity and embracing the numerous benefits that come from being single


Week 3:

  • Healthy Lifestyle and Emotional Wellbeing: Importance of physical health and well-being, Practices for mental health maintenance. Tips for nutrition, exercise, and sleep hygiene. Techniques for emotional regulation and resilience
  • Understanding who we are and what is important to us: Getting to know ourselves and what we want from our lives and as importantly what we don't want
  • Living our best single lives: Based on knowing who we are, identifying what our best lives would look like and creating the steps to build it
  • Creating a Vision for the Future: Visualization exercises for future planning. Crafting a vision board
  • Celebrating Singleness and Course Conclusion: Reflecting on the journey through the course. Sharing personal growth stories and achievements. Group celebration and closing remarks


One of the biggest benefits of attending the Group Coaching Course is the network of other people you get connected with. Many previous course participants of the Group Coaching Courses are still in touch with their group and find them a great part of their tribe. The work can continue with the group long after the course comes to an end.

Course Format

  • 3 x 60 minute group video call sessions (3 hours of group coaching time in total)
  • Connect by video dial in using Zoom
  • Explore weekly pre-recorded content as a group
  • Group coaching and the opportunity to ask your own questions to cover any personal areas of interest
  • The format is set up so that you can just listen to the content, or you can interact if you would like to, to cater for everyones individual preferences.
  • Ongoing Support: Establishing a post-course support group to continue the bond and provide ongoing assistance and encouragement to each other
  • Resources and Tools: Handouts, worksheets, and recommended readings to support ongoing personal development and provide additional information beyond the course duration.


The course will run with minimum 2 participants and maximum 14 participants. (In the unlikely event that a course does not have enough participants to run, you will receive a full refund).


The course costs £99 for the 3 sessions. If money is an issue for you, please do get in touch,  as I would hate finances to be a reason you missed out on this course.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the course or how to register, please get in touch.

When and Where

Course Start Date

October 6th 24


Pay in full, 3 monthly payments


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