Group Coaching Course: Choosing Solo

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Group coaching for single women considering solo motherhood

Currently running on:

1st July, 8th July and 15th July 24
From 8pm – 9.30pm GMT


Group coaching for people considering solo parenthood

Course Content

The course is designed for those considering embarking on solo parenthood who would like to better understand their options as well as those who have made the decision already but are looking to fully embrace their decision with full confidence. We cover a variety of topics as detailed below, but the course is very much shaped by the specific requirements of the group.

Week 1:

  • Welcome and introductions; sharing your current situation within a supportive space, check in of how you are doing and any elements you'd particularly like to focus on (you do not need to share if you don't want to)
  • Considering your options: Exploring the options available and how to make the decision of which is your preferred options
  • Re-imaging family: Letting go of any remaining grieving for the ‘traditional route’ to becoming a parent and shifting perspectives on what family means in solo parenthood
  • Working through your fears: Identifying the fears you have surrounding this journey and a undertaking a powerful exercise to work through them
  • Owning your solo parent story: Building confidence in embracing your unique journey, as well as being able to confidently communicate with your child and those around you
  • Getting others onboard: Techniques to get your family and friends onboard and how to communicate to those around you

Week 2:

  • The first half of the session is a discussion about the exercises covered in week 1
  • The second half of the session covers:
    • Understanding your finances and finance options
    • Choosing a clinic
    • Getting treatment abroad
    • Choosing a suitable treatment
    • Choosing a donor

*If you have already started treatment, this part of the course can be a good opportunity to share your experiences with the rest of the group.

Week 3:

  • Preparing yourself and your body: Signposting to a range of experts on how to best prepare for a journey towards solo parenthood
  • Managing treatment solo: How to stay grounded when going through fertility treatment without a partner
  • Building your Solo Parent Tribe: Identifying and establishing a support system—friends, family, community, and professional resources. Including tools and techniques for ensuring you get the help and support you need. Balancing independence with collaboration.
  • Letting go of solo parent comparison; Strategies for overcoming the comparison trap and staying focused on your individual path
  • Future Planning; Walking away with a clear plan of your next steps on this journey

One of the biggest benefits of attending the Group Coaching Course is the network of other people you get connected with. Many previous course participants are still in touch with their group and find them a great part of their support network.

Course Format

  • 3 x 90 minute group video call sessions (4.5 hours of group coaching time in total)
  • 3 x pre recorded content videos sent prior to the each week of the course to allow more opportunity for discussion in the session
  • Connect by video dial in using Zoom
  • Explore weekly content as a group
  • Group coaching and the opportunity to ask your own questions to cover any personal areas of interest
  • The format is set up so that you can just listen to the content, or you can interact if you would like to, to cater for everyones individual preferences.
  • You will get the opportunity to join a whatsapp group with the other participants to keep in touch throughout the course and after it has ended (if you desire)


The course will run with minimum 2 participants and maximum 14 participants. (In the unlikely event that a course does not have enough participants to run, you will receive a full refund).


The course costs £99 for the 3 sessions and comes with a free downloadable Choosing Solo Journal to document your journey. If money is an issue for you, please do get in touch,  as I would hate finances to be a reason you missed out on this course.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the course or how to register, please get in touch.

When and Where

Course Start Date

7th May 24, 1st July 24

66 reviews for Group Coaching Course: Choosing Solo

  1. C (verified owner)

    I’m so pleased I signed up to the Choosing Solo course. Mel provided a wealth of information and also made space to discuss any fears and concerned I had.
    I feel more knowledgable and emotionally calmer to be able to make a decision.

  2. Maddison (verified owner)

    Amazing course, would definitely recommend. Loads of opportunities to think and discuss about where you are on the journey, what is important to you, what your fears and hopes are and the exercises Mel goes through are an excellent help with this. It was really nice to meet other women in the same position and get to support each other.

  3. Carly Neighbour (verified owner)

    This was a really helpful course which gave me lots of useful information and insight into the processes involved. It was so nice to be able to connect with others and talk through the emotional impact of it too, and to consider what stage I’m at in the process.

  4. Lizzie (verified owner)

    Packed full of information on a wide arrange of topics. Also an excellent way to meet other people in the same position. We have plans to meet up as a group in person in due course.

  5. Sarah (verified owner)

    This course was fantastic in many ways; Mel’s support, knowledge and lived experience was invaluable as was hearing from others in the same situation. I highly recommend to anyone grappling with this decision. It will help you immensely. Join a coaching group – either way it will help you decide the right path and timing for you. I guess I wished the group had resulted in more of a connection with the group afterwards. I appreciate that is dependant on individual experience but there wasn’t a lot of time for us to build that. On that basis, I’d say it’s more informative/learning than a coaching group, as I’ve known them. That doesn’t whatsoever take away from the experience I gained or the value it brought me 🙂

  6. Maggie

    I’ve been thinking about taking this path for several months and this group course with Mel was my next step in speaking out loud about the possibility and interacting with others at the same stage. Mel offers really helpful, concrete framing exercises for making this decision, which I plan to revisit down the line as I continue with this process. I highly recommend the course!

  7. Liz (verified owner)

    A fantastic course, so informative, so interesting to hear other people’s stories and opinions. Mel is really knowledgeable and has so much great advice. The course addressed any concerns and fears I have, made me more excited about other aspects and provided so much valuable info. The online format worked really well too. Thanks Mel!

  8. Lorna (verified owner)

    I have recently finished the Choosing Solo course with Mel and it was so, so good! It’s really well organised with lots of different ‘learning’ formats. The content is just right; informative, thought-provoking and absolutely free of any judgement. Mel creates a really safe space for us to share our thoughts, concerns and hopes and offers practical advice. It was great to meet so many other women in similar situations and to make new friends! Thank you Mel. I highly recommend this course to any one thinking about solo motherhood regardless of the stage you’re at.

  9. Catherine (verified owner)

    Wonderful format – was super surprised to have so many ladies join in the same / similar situation, as your main thought before that, is ‘I’m so alone, I’m the only weirdo doing this’. Mel really challenges that perception and guides you through the thinking process. Excellent tool for anyone in early phase of research, and for those like me who are further along their journey, it gives you a chance to discuss with likeminded people / starts building your community outside of family and friends.
    Thanks so much Mel, and to the ladies on the July 23 course – you are wonderful!

  10. Amy (verified owner)

    Mel creates an incredibly supportive and empowering group vibe. She articulates the thoughts, fears, worries and practical steps really clearly, as well as leaving plenty of time for the group to discuss different issues. I feel so inspired and excited to be choosing solo now I’ve completed this course!

  11. Jenny (verified owner)

    I’ve just finished the Choosing Solo course with Mel and I’ve found it so useful. I was slightly further on the journey than some of the other participants (i.e. just about to start IVF treatment) but Mel accommodated everyone on the course really well and made sure we all had a chance to discuss the worries/concerns and questions around solo motherhood, regardless of where we were in the “choosing” process. I’ve found the course really informative and that the course work has set me up really well for jumping into the IVF process – I feel much more equipped (both emotionally and practically) as a result, and I’m really grateful to Mel and the other participants for their input. Would highly recommend this course for anyone debating whether solo motherhood might (or might not) be for them!

  12. Bernardeth (verified owner)

    This is definitely a course I will recommend to any woman who thinking or want to become solo mums. The course is very thorough and gives you the necessary tools to continue on your journey with more confidence then before. When I started the course I was still on the fence about if I wanted to be a solo mom or not but after the course I came out feeling more confident about my decision. I met a great group of ladies who are different stages in the journey and it’s been and it’s has been a great learning opportunity that I will recommend to anyone.

  13. Sere (verified owner)

    This was a fabulous course. I am new to thinking about making this decision and Mel really gave us a foundation of the topics to consider and resources for making a good choice. It was also a complete treat to meet other women who are amidst this process as well. I feel very lucky to have found this course!

  14. Hannah (verified owner)

    Feel so grateful to have found this course at this point in my Solo parenting decision journey. Mel is so knowledgeable and the ability to discuss your fears, concerns and hopes with people at the same cross roads as you has been invaluable. Participating in the course has highlighted a lot of areas I still need to explore but also made me realise I’m further in my journey than I thought. I think this course is incredibly well priced too in an industry that is so over inflated!

    Thank you to Mel and the great group that I met.

  15. Susan (verified owner)

    I recently completed the ‘Choosing Solo’ course – it was so informative, and really helped me to get my thoughts clear and to make a well informed decision on how to proceed with my solo motherhood journey. It was also really nice to hear from the other people on the course at different stages and to understand that a lot of my worries were shared, and how to understand and work through them.

  16. Amy (verified owner)

    Mel was really supportive and informative. I feel like I have learned a lot about the steps involved in the early stages of making the decision of how to become a solo mum, and the best way to start making plans. It was a great place to connect with others who are also thinking about embarking on this journey too.

    I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is considering becoming a solo mum.

  17. Lisa (verified owner)

    Just finished this course and it has been completely invaluable. It exceeded all my expectations in terms of content, networking and support. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone considering solo motherhood. Thank you!

  18. Susanna Lloyd (verified owner)

    Anyone considering solo motherhood should do this course. It’s like being welcomed into a family and given a great big confidence boosting hug! There is no judgement and any of the different situations people present and all the information that you get given and gets discussed is invaluable. Mel is a fountain of knowledge. I strongly recommend listening to the podcast too. I have learnt so much!
    Thank you!

  19. Sarah (verified owner)

    Mel provides something really special for women exploring solo Motherhood and I am so grateful to her for her time, energy, enthusiasm and knowledge. Creating connections is key to this journey and Mel is passionate about bringing Women together and empowering to make decisions that are right for them.

    A really fantastic way to access a wealth of information and meet others to continue the way forward with.

    Thank you Mel.

  20. Sabrina (verified owner)

    This was a really useful course for anyone considering becoming a solo mum. I loved the combination of very practical information alongside addressing the psychological issues involved in making the decision. It’s great for whatever stage of the journey you’re at…from giving it some thought to having made a final decision to go ahead. Money well spent!

  21. Sophie

    This is a well pitched, sensitive and empowering course. It was informative and caring in the way it was delivered. I learnt a lot from the material and the well facilitated discussion. It was great to explore the topics with others.

  22. Anna

    An informative course with lots of excellent content and a chance to connect with people in a similar position. Would 100% recommend for those considering solo parenthood.

  23. Nicky

    Thank you Mel for breaking down my thoughts and sharing your experience. I think this would be most valueable early in the journey and although I was a little further a long it was definitely a valuable experience. Lovely to hear that other people have similar worries.

  24. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    The course was really helpful – it’s really impressive how much it covers, both on the emotional and practical side. The exercises are really helpful for thinking through things and it was great to meet other people going through the same questions. I also feel armed with knowledge about where to look for further information and support. I 100% recommend this course to anyone considering solo motherhood and if I continue on this path, I’ll be signing up for the next course too 🙂

  25. Del (verified owner)

    I’m so grateful that Mel has created these group coaching sessions. It addressed all my questions, concerns, fears and threw up many more points that I hadn’t fully considered. Mel packs so much information into each session and is incredibly knowledgable -she seems to have read all the professional papers written, studies undertaken, research papers and books on the subject and related subjects! Mel’s focus was empowering women in the decision making process as opposed to selling the concept and I really appreciated that. I didn’t expect how powerful it would be, in so many ways, to have the coaching in a group format where you hear other women’s thoughts, journeys and concerns and keeping in touch with them in a whatsapp group throughout the sessions and afterwards has really helped create a sense of community. This group coaching is an absolute must for anyone thinking of going solo. Thank you Mel for your generosity in sharing info and experiences.

  26. Anna (verified owner)

    I recently completed the Choosing Solo course and highly recommended it! Mel not only provides an amazing package of information but also creates an incredibly safe, supportive and empowering environment in which to explore and understand your fears. I loved connecting with the women in my group, I had felt quite alone and scared before the course, but now I really feel part of a community. Mel has an incredible passion for connecting and supporting women on the solo motherhood journey. This really shines through in the huge range of resources Mel offers besides the courses – instagram, excellent podcast, blog, website and more. I’m so impressed with Mel’s drive to further develop her offer in response to her clients’ interests, passions and worries. Thank you Mel. I hope to be in a position to join the Preparing to Thrive course in the future!

  27. SC

    I have just finished the course and I honestly feel so empowered and liberated by making my choice to become a single mam. I had some fears about single motherhood before I started the coaching sessions, but thanks to Mel’s amazing knowledge and advice and support from the ladies in my group, they have been addressed and now I just feel excited about it! Next on my list is Mel’s course: Preparing to Thrive!

  28. TM (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed taking this course! Mel is such a fountain of knowledge, guidance and reassurance. She covers a vast variety of topics surrounding the decision of choosing solo motherhood, and allows for discussion and the opportunity to share experiences. She provides a safe space for potential solo mothers to feel heard and understood. Thank you, Mel!

  29. Bethan

    The Solo Motherhood course is a great source of information, support and comfort for those considering so called single motherhood ‘by choice’. I attended the course (virtually!) about 7 months into my active process towards making this choice and wish I had found my way to the course sooner because Mel’s signposts and information was what I had taken hundreds of hours to find, digest and integrate. Save yourself the hassle and simply sign up to the course! That way you have Mel’s expertise and the company of other women also asking themselves some of the toughest questions we’re ever likely to face. Simply being able to see and speak with other women who are considering this choice normalised things for me, which helped enormously. Thank you Mel! I hope to have cause to join your Prepare To Thrive course soon.

  30. Michelle

    Mel’s Solo Motherhood course is invaluable! Once I decided that being a solo mum was something I wanted to seriously consider, I was struggling to find resources that gave me not only the information I needed, but the connections too. Since discovering Mel and all that she offers at The Stork and I, it has really opened up my eyes and my mind to the world of solo motherhood, not just via the super informative and soul warming course (where you also get to meet other solo mums to hopefully be), but to her blogs, podcasts and Instagram posts. I found solo motherhood course really insightful and definitely helped me on my journey. And to be able to have live, open discussions with other women in the same situation and thought process was amazing, definitely didn’t feel so alone and isolated in my decision by then end of it.
    If you are considering Solo Motherhood, then this is where you need to start your journey for sure, can’t recommend enough. Thank you Mel!

  31. Claire Brown

    I am so glad I made the decision to join this course. It was so informative and really highlighted some areas in the preparation of solo motherhood that I hadn’t even considered before. I had done some of my own research prior to the course but Mel was able to give so much more information and insight and answered a lot of questions we all had which meant it was more personalised than the articles I’d found online. The exercises we did really made me think about aspects of the journey I hadn’t yet and gave me confidence in knowing that I have made the right decision to pursue solo motherhood. The exercises helped me address a number of areas which I didn’t even realise I needed to address and really inspired me in feeling confident and certain in my decision.
    It was also great to connect with other women on a similar journey and to hear their stories. I’m hoping we’ll all be able to stay in touch and continue sharing the highs and lows of our journeys together.
    Thanks Mel, this course was invaluable and I would highly recommend!

  32. Jen

    Thank you Mel
    Loads of great information on the course but also it was great to meet and chat with a group of ladies in the same situation. Highly recommend.

  33. Mariko

    I want to echo absolutely everything that has been written above ! – I don’t think I can put it into better words.
    I signed up to the 3 week course to help me with making a decision about whether to embark or not embark on this journey of trying for a baby as a solo mother with sperm donor. I am already 46 so I figured that I could in the least learn from it to pass on to others if I decided that I really can’t go ahead with trying due to my age or any other fears, so it would be worth doing. Well, it was more than worth doing the course or being part of the course. I have done a lot of research but I gained SO much from it, much more than I imagined, and I knew I would be gaining a lot from looking at how the course was structured, but it was much beyond this. Mel is brilliant and she makes one feel at ease immediately. Additionally, it was a fabulous group of ladies to be with and I didn’t imagine just now connecting and supportive this would feel. It was very reassuring. Wonderful amount of material to keep one going beyond the 3 sessions too.
    If you’re reading this wondering about the course or feeling in doubt, there is no need to be in doubt about doing the course … will really help 🙂
    And, Good luck to you all in your journeys, and thank you so much, Mel!

  34. Charlie Dellar (verified owner)

    Deciding on solo motherhood is a minefield, you can get lost in information and swallowed up with the amount decisions and choices in front of you. This course is an incredible resource to help you navigate this.
    Mel’s friendly and relaxed approach to coaching instantly puts you at ease, and the content is perfectly structured, her warm delivery of all this information somehow lifts the burden, and helps you find your own conclusion.
    Also meeting the fellow attendees is lovely, realising you’re in the same boat as so many other women is such a relief, Mel creates a safe unjudgemental environment for you to relax and open up in.
    If you’re thinking about this life choice, I couldn’t recommend this course enough to help prepare you.

  35. Isa

    I highly recommend this course for every person who thinks about taking the adventure of being a solo mum. Whether if you are completely ready to take this journey or whether if you are just at the start of thinking about it, the coaching sessions will help you enormously. I wish I would have known about it earlier! Mel summarize in 3 sessions hours and hours of browsing on the internet. Not only the content and the structure of the course is great but connecting with other wonderful women who have the same goal is incredible… it is really heartlifting to share our journeys and see that we are not alone in the process. A big big thank you to Mel and all the ladies who were in the group!

  36. Anna Porter

    I have been thinking about solo motherhood for a while and been following Mel on instagram and decided to take her 3 week course. The course was amazing, immediately realising I wasn’t alone in what I am thinking to do, meeting like minded ladies all sharing their stories. Mel has a great way of getting you to think about items perhaps not considered. providing tonnes of advice, areas of research, book suggestions, podcasts plus talking about her own journey. It was extremely insightful, very empowering and so helpful. I can highly recommend taking her course and will definitely look to take her other courses when the time is right. Thanks Mel x

  37. Harriet (verified owner)

    I did the March ‘Choosing Solo’ course and found it a really helpful, targeted course for anyone at the decision-making stage. It was lovely to meet others in the same situation, and to feel less alone.

  38. Claire

    I am so glad I found Mel’s community page on Facebook which in turn led me to Mel’s podcasts and coaching course. Although I had made my decision to go ahead (after 2 years of consideration/research) I now feel much more informed & confident in my choice, and it was great to hear every thought or worry I’ve had, Mel or someone else had also experienced so I now have the tools to work through that. No matter what stage you are at, this course is worth your time & investment as you will gain so much from it. Thanks Mel!

  39. Lisa Ganley (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering solo motherhood. I have felt quite alone in this decision process for a couple of years but this course has given me a wealth knowledge and comfort, I now feel empowered to start taking practical steps forward. Mel is fantastic, she offers practical, sensible advice that’s always delivered with so much kindness. I think the course is good mix of information and discussion, and it was lovely to meet other women who are going through a similar thought process. I definitely don’t feel alone anymore and will definitely sign up for the next two courses if the time comes. Thank you so much for everything Mel

  40. Julia (verified owner)

    I really loved the course. The information was well presented and Mel was very knowledgeable. It was very insightful about what to consider, what support you meant need and discussed any barriers/fears and how handle them. The course helped me with my doubts and not worry so much about judgement because I had support. For me being from Canada, I appreciated that most of the discussion was just general and not focused on location. I would definitely recommend the course. I plan on taking the two other courses when the time comes.

  41. Sarah (verified owner)

    I took this course not really knowing if solo motherhood was right for me, and after 3 weeks of learning and connecting with this group, I am planning on taking steps forward in my journey to motherhood this year. I’m the only one in my social circle going this route, and at times it has felt overwhelming figuring out all the details on my own. This course was a wealth of knowledge and resources. Mel is a fantastic leader whose personal experience, transparency, and research brought so much comfort to me. She is truly here to educate and empower women, not to push her views on others. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone navigating this major decision.

    On a side note, I am from the United States, and I felt like Mel did an awesome job addressing the needs of people outside of the UK. She made it inclusive for people abroad, and I’m very appreciative of that.

    Thank you, Mel, for everything.

  42. Jo (verified owner)

    Mel is clearly very knowledgeable, imparting information but also listening and responding to those on the session with empathy and support. Very helpful thinking through the journey and the pros and cons of different options for you. Thanks Mel!

  43. Jo (verified owner)

    If you have any feelings that solo parenting might be for you, I would highly recommend taking this course. Mel covers all of the essentials, from the practical to the emotional, and has a totally fact-based, non-pushy informative style that allows you to make your own decisions. I have come away from the course much better informed and able to feel a sense of calm about the whole process. I am also looking forward to connecting with others on the course, or through the Facebook group. The value of being able to go through the process with like-minded people is priceless.

    I’m so excited that there is a course like this through every step of the process! Sign me up!

  44. Elaine

    Started thinking about solo motherhood as an option last summer but I had too many questions and too many fears that I couldn’t seem to find the answer to. As I’m based in Ireland, it’s a lot newer over here so I couldn’t find the information that I was looking for. Stumbled across Mel’s page on Instagram, when I wasn’t even looking! So glad I did & that I did the group course as well. It’s very comprehensive and I don’t think any stone is left unturned. It feels like a safe space & everyone is in the same boat so there is comfort in that & Mel was extremely helpful and supportive. I would recommend it, even if you are just considering it as a slight possibility in the future, it will help you to rule it in or out and fully explore it as an option!

  45. Ide

    Highly recommend this course to anyone considering going the solo mum route. Mel covered all the topics and concerns that I had and provided lots of great insight and other reading resources and useful information. Mel is extremely personable and puts everyone at ease. I also loved hearing other peoples stories too and hearing what part of this journey they were on.

  46. Katie (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this course if you are thinking about solo motherhood. Mel is a wonderful coach, she makes you feel instantly at ease, she provides lots of relevant information and guidance and encourages you to think positively about the journey ahead. The materials she provided each week were excellent and included presentations, exercises to complete ahead of the next session and lots of recommended reading. It was also great to have a chance to talk to a group of people in a similar position to myself. I wouldn’t hesitate to book on further courses run by Mel.

  47. Claire (verified owner)

    I first saw Mel on Insta which got me thinking more about going solo after the rough ride I had with my ex/IVF…the perfect life isn’t all that it’s matched up to be. I then listened to Mel’s podcast which started giving me some inspiration hearing other like minded women.
    When I saw that Mel was running a 3 week course on solo motherhood for only £65 I jumped at the chance. This course is very informative/intermate with a great booklet (you have to print off) giving you plenty of exercises/home work to do.
    Mel is very supportive and provides a watsapp group for you to be able to continue your journey/support with the women you meet on the course. Highly Recommend!

  48. Sarah (verified owner)

    I have just completed the Solo Motherhood Thinkers course and it was absolutely fantastic for several reasons. Mel is such a supportive and friendly person, and she is highly skilled at providing an open and warm atmosphere for the maximum benefit of the group. This is not easy when participants are dialing in from all over the world online. The second reason why the course is excellent is the value for money. The course is packed with exercises and resources. In short, if you are thinking of joining the course, please do not hesitate and sign up!

  49. Charlotte

    I had done quite a lot of research into solo motherhood but the choosing solo course definitely covered topics that I hadn’t considered. Mel was able to signpost us to other resources to help us with our journey and It was also lovely to virtually meet other people thinking about choosing this path.

  50. Carol Beaumont (verified owner)

    A really useful group to meet a wide range of like minded women. It was really helpful to read and discuss a wealth of information that is well presented in a supportive way. For anyone who is either undecided I would recommend this as a great starting point to explore solo motherhood.

  51. Claire (verified owner)

    A really reassuring course that has given a number of tools. With Mel’s guidance and being able to meet and speak/hear from the other women on the journey – I feel less alone. Packed full of information and recommendations. Highly recommend (and have already done so to a few friends!).

  52. Kat (verified owner)

    For any woman considering solo motherhood I would highly recommend this course. It’s full of really valuable information, exercises to work through in your own time, recommendations for podcasts, webinars, books etc and on top of all that, the chance to connect with other women in the same situation. Mel is knowledgeable, warm and welcoming. Thank you!

  53. Philly

    I can thoroughly recommend this course. It has really helped me look at all aspects of the solo mum adventure, answering questions I was too worried to ask. I’ve also managed to gain a network of wonderful ‘potential’ solo mums to be.

  54. Ruth (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It provided me with so much invaluable information about the journey to solo motherhood and the opportunity to meet others in a similar situation. Mel offers a supportive space to explore fears and uncertainty around the topic and I now feel better equipped and more confident to make a decision about whether or not to pursue this path. I would recommend the course to anyone considering becoming a solo mum!

  55. Lisa

    I can’t say enough good things about this course and how helpful it has been to me on this journey! Going into the class, my thoughts were like ping pong balls – bouncing all over the place and constantly changing direction. Mel established simple, but effective frameworks for how to think through things and organize the chaos of my thoughts. Even now, a few months later, I still regularly refer back to the course materials for a refresh on certain subjects. Fingers crossed that if I am able to become pregnant, I will definitely register for some of her follow up courses. Best of luck to everyone on their paths!

  56. Jo (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about solo motherhood, or has made the decision to go ahead but would like more information and/or to meet other ladies in a similar situation. The course is packed full of amazing advice, information and helpful tips, covering so many aspects of this decision. The best part for me was meeting and talking to other ladies who are in the same position, and sharing concerns and questions. Mel lead the course brilliantly and provided detailed slides with all topics covered. Book it now!

  57. Lizzie (verified owner)

    An excellent and hugely recommended course for anyone considering this path. So happy I connected with Mel and the amazing women on this course !

  58. Eleanor (verified owner)

    A fabulous course – so much information and support for anyone considering this journey. Great to meet so others too in a similar situation. Came away from each session feeling even more positive about taking the next step…would highly recommend!

  59. Sophie Morgan Williams (verified owner)

    Thank you Mel for this amazing opportunity to benefit from your wealth of knowledge and experience in exploring solo motherhood. Whilst I had made my decision prior to the course, it was invaluable to really take time to think, plan and meet others in the same boat. I have so much more confidence in my decision, the route to solo motherhood is so much more normalised and I feel reassured by all the support available. Thank you.

  60. Jane (verified owner)

    I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about becoming a solo mum. I’ve been thinking about this for a number of years, and at the end of last year decided to start making steps. I am so pleased I found Mel, and her The Stork and I page and tribe. This course has been incredible. Not only Mel sharing her experiences, but also getting to meet other women in the same situation as me.

    The course is over three weeks, and goes through so much more than I expected. From making that initial decision, and everything else that you will go through and things to consider. Some I’d not even thought of myself.
    Very encouraging, very helpful and has just made me more confident in my decision to follow this path. Thanks Mel.

  61. Tracy (verified owner)

    I already knew that I wanted to become a solo mum but Mel’s Choosing Solo course has given me to confidence to go for it! Apart from being able to benefit from Mel’s wealth of knowledge and experience, having the opportunity to meet other women in a similar situation was invaluable to me.

  62. Audrey (verified owner)

    I’ve just completed this course and it was amazing. Mel covered so much information and detail over the three weeks. She was so encouraging and happy to answer any questions and fears. The course offers so many useful resources and you get a copy of the slides every week which is really useful to refer back to. I think any woman considering solo motherhood should do this course. This course has confirmed that my decision to embark on solo motherhood is the right decision for me.

  63. Jess

    I really enjoyed the course and took a lot from it, it’s very informative and really helps you to break down the different elements if you are in the thinking stages of going solo. It includes a lot of practical information but also how to manage the anxiety of it all, it’s also nice being in a group just to reaffirm that you are not alone in choosing the solo path. I would definitely recommend this course if you are considering going solo or are in the process of it already! Thanks Mel!

  64. Louise

    I found Mel’s coaching sessions really informative and helpful in helping me to make decisions about how to move forward. It was great to have the support of the other women on the course and it was fabulous having the chance to ask questions and share experiences! I’d highly recommend this course!

  65. Lucy

    This was a very informative course which really helped me consolidate my thinking and feelings about this venture. Mel is extremely responsive and happy to go the extra mile to ensure she can answer your specific questions. The 3 evenings were well divided to cover different components of the decision making process, and it gave me confidence, thinking that I had already considered a lot of the aspects mentioned, as well as new ideas and food for thought. I found the online format a little daunting at first but this worked well too.

  66. Clare

    I have just finished the “choosing solo” course and found it incredibly uplifting and inspiring. It covered all the issues and fears that I have spent months grappling with in a very practical and honest way. Mel is a fantastic coach who is very open in her approach and and offers sensible, practical information and advice. I would recommend this programme for anyone at an early stage of their thoughts about solo motherhood. I found it of real benefit to be able to share experiences with women in similar circumstances.

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