My name is Mel, the founder of The Stork and I, nice to meet you!

I created The Stork and I following my own personal journey to solo motherhood.

I’m a solo mum (single mother by choice) to my 2 year old daughter. You can read a bit more about my journey¬† in this article that was published in Elephant Journal.

With a coaching qualification from CoachMatch, I’m an experienced coach having over 15 years of personal development and leadership coaching. Using my coaching skills, I work with single women who want to ensure that they don’t miss out on motherhood because of their relationship status.

My coaching practise is dedicated to providing support and advice to single women at every stage of their journey to motherhood. I’ve coached more than 100 women on this subject.

I’ve grown a like minded community full of amazing women who are all here to help and support each other.

I’m 41 and I live in Manchester in the UK but I coach women from all over the world.

My vision is that no-one feels alone on their journey but are instead supported by a kick ass community of inspiring women!

If this sounds similar to your story, please feel free to get in touch for support or advice at or check out the coaching I offer.

For a day by day update on being a solo mum follow The Stork and I on Instagram stories.