What I’m doing right now. (inspired by Derek Sivers)

Role: Solo Parent Support

  • Thriving Solo, the Stork and I Membership Site for solo mums and those considering solo parenthood is £2.99 a month. As part of your membership you get access to the Thriving Solo members only podcast, solo parenting resources, a book club, monthly Community Calls, face to face meet ups, a monthly newsletter and much more. You can sign up here.
  • I am running my 3 signature courses throughout 2023:
  • I’m holding an All Member community call the last Wednesday evening of each month at 8.30pm for solo mums and mums to be to connect and chat about anything we fancy! We cover, trying to conceive, solo parenting, support network, dating and much more! I’ve loved meeting everyone on these calls. I also hold a call specifically for Thinkers and Triers once a month, dates can be found on the Events section on the membership site.
  • I share a day in the life of a solo parent on my Instagram account

Role: Coach

  • I’ve released new dates for my group coaching courses that can be accessed here.
  • I’m working on releasing more dates for group coaching to cover different timezones.
  • I have updated the content in all 3 coaching courses based on feedback from the courses run in 2022
  • I’m doing more and more 1:2:1 coaching sessions with women from all around the world
  • Am partnering with fertility clinics that I believe offer a good service to solo mums to offer individual 1:2:1 coaching

Role: Content Creator

  • I have recently updated my website with a new look and feel and to make the support on offer easier to find
  • Series 6 of the Stork and I Podcast went live in Feb 2023 and Thriving Solo Members will get access to Podcast Plus which is additional episodes with chosen experts on a range of really interesting topics relating to solo parenthood. I have just reached 100k downloads which I am so proud of.
  • I have a library of live events with a range of experts that you can access here
  • I have a library of downloadable resources on a number of topics relevant to solo parenthood that you can access here.
  • I have a monthly newsletter that you can sign up to here. To ensure that your inboxes don’t get clogged up, I send one email a month with all the relevant topics from the month.

Role: Change Agent

  • I am contributing towards changing the legislation on being able to connect with donor siblings before 18
  • I am campaigning about updating the Women’s Health Strategy to explicitly include single women.

Role: Collaborator

  • Reaching out to lots of interesting folks to collaborate on providing engaging, well informed material for solo parents
  • Writing lot’s of content to share with partners I am working with in blog posts for solo parents
  • Offering advice and support on making content inclusive for single people and solo parents

Role: Mum

  • I’m juggling being a mum with working and having a bit of time to myself.
  • My daughter is now 5 and has just finished Reception. I am loving this age as she is developing such a little personality. Watching her learn to read and write is incredible and I am finding this age easier than 3 was!
  • I read 22 books last year, mainly about topics related to solo parenthood and I will aim to read 23 this year! I share the recommendations in my Newsletter.

And finally…

  • I am still renovating the house I moved into in March 2021. It’s getting there, but lots of finishing touches to do. I will be planning some further meet ups in 2023!
  • We have just had an amazing solo mum Glamping trip in July 2023 where we had exclusive use of a campsite near Birmingham and we have immediately booked the same for 2024, which is available for Thriving Solo members.

Updated 31st July 2023