What I’m doing right now. (inspired by Derek Sivers)

Role: Solo Mum Support

  • I have created a Facebook Group for solo mums to support them in all things solo motherhood.
  • I’m holding a call every Wednesday evening at 8pm for solo mums to connect and chat about anything we fancy! We’ve covered surviving lockdown, support network, dating and much more! I’ve loved meeting everyone on these calls.
  • I will be sharing hints and tips on my Instagram account of how to manage solo in these strange times we find ourselves in.
  • I loved raising the positive awareness of solo mums on Sky News and BBC2 Victoria Derbyshire
  • I continue to work frequently with admired experts to provide advice to The Stork and I Mum Tribe in live interviews.

Role: Coach

  • I’ve released new dates for my group coaching courses that can be accessed here.
  • I’m working on releasing more dates for group coaching to cover different timezones.
  • I have updated the content in all 3 coaching courses based on feedback from the courses run in 2019
  • I’m doing more and more 1:2:1 coaching sessions with women from all around the world
  • Am partnering with fertility clinics that I believe offer a good service to solo mums to offer individual 1:2:1 coaching

Role: Content Creator

  • I have recently updated my website with a new look and feel and to make the support on offer easier to find
  • Very exciting news is that I have launched the 1st series of The Stork and I Podcast. Series 1 will be covering the changing nature of dating and relationships and the impact of that on motherhood. I’ve got some exciting guests lined up over the coming weeks.
  • I’m educating myself on Black Lives Matter. I understand not being racist isn’t enough and am working on being anti-racist and a true ally.

Role: Collaborator

  • Reaching out to lots of interesting folks to collaborate on providing engaging, well informed material for solo mums
  • Writing lot’s of content to share with partners I am working with in blog posts for solo mums
  • Offering advice and support on making content inclusive for single women and solo mums

Role: Mum

  • I’m juggling being a mum with working and having a bit of time to myself. Things have got a lot easier since nursery reopened after lockdown.
  • My daughter turned 2 in February and I am loving that age as she is developing such a little personality. I hear the phrase “What’s that mummy” 274646 times a day!
  • I’m reading How to Talk So Your Toddlers will Listen and learning a lot

And finally…

  • I’ve been continuing the work to renovate my house, I’ve just finished my mums room in the attic and have started some  modifications on the bathroom. I’ve finished the garden and am now trying to ensure all my plants and flowers thrive and continue to bring a burst of colour to the space!
  • Lot’s of little bits left to do on the house so I am working through them one at a time.

Updated 1st July 2020