• You feel frustrated about not being able to start a family in the way you had imagined
  • You are anxious that you may miss out on motherhood
  • You are confused and overwhelmed about your options
  • You are worried about how to communicate with your family
  • You have feelings of anxiety about the perception of solo motherhood
  • You are grieving for the loss of having a baby in a loving partnership
  • You feel like a failure over not being able to find a suitable partner
  • You worry about the impacts on your future child of being donor conceived 
  • You are experiencing feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • You have financial worries about the cost of fertility treatment and raising a child solo
  • You are anxious about whether you will be able to manage on your own and the level of support you have available
  • You face doubts about balancing career and solo motherhood
  • You worry that choosing solo motherhood means that you are letting go of the idea of finding a partner

This programme is an invitation to:

Feel empowered and ready to understand the options available to you

Work through all of your fears, doubts and anxieties to overcome what’s holding you back

 Create an action plan enabling you to feel back in control of your of your journey to motherhood

To have someone supporting you throughout every step of the journey

This programme is for you if: 

  • You know you want to become a mother, but you don’t fully understand your options
  • You’re single and feeling pressure to meet ‘the one’ whilst you are still fertile enough to conceive
  • You’re struggling to come to a final decision about whether to progress down the path towards solo motherhood
  • You keep giving dating ‘just another 6 months’ as you’d really prefer to follow a more conventional route to motherhood
  • You’ve decided that solo motherhood by donor conception is for you, but still have some hesitation, fears or doubts
  • You’ve embraced the decision to begin the journey towards solo motherhood but you want support along the way
  • You haven’t decided that solo motherhood is definitely your chosen path but you want to understand more about it
  • You want 1:2:1 support every step of the journey

Personalised 1:2:1 Coaching Programme

  • A personalised programme to discover more about yourself and your desires
  • A dive deep into your fears and what’s holding you back
  • 1 x 90 minute deep dive starter session
  • 5 x 60-minute sessions (via Zoom) organised as often as is convenient to you
  • Access to helpful resources and additional information on the end to end journey
  • Access to unlimited support and messaging by e-mail and Whatsapp between sessions
  • A beautifully created step by step plan to enable you to move forward with confidence and clarity
  • Plus – Your FREE Stork and I Solo Motherhood Journal (to document the end to end process)

This programme will help you to: 

  1. Understand your vision
  2. Manage your anxiety and fears
  3. Understand the options available to you
  4. Make, accept, own and embrace your decisions
  5. Manage any comparison you may be feeling
  6. Make practical decisions (treatments, clinics, donor)
  7. Communicate and share your story with pride
  8. Create your support network
  9. Understand and manage key moments throughout your journey
  10. Prepare your mind and body for the journey
  11. Create goals and actions to move you forward
  12. Keep accountable for making progress

We design the course together depending on the stage of the process you are at and your personalised requirements. We cover the topics most relevant for you.

If this is something you are interested in learning more about then please get in touch at to organise a free 30 minute chat or sign up below.

All sessions are done remotely using Zoom

Your investment: Usually £559

For a limited time only £449 

(or 3 monthly payments of £155)